Monday, January 7, 2013

Chest & Back & Ab Ripper X


My chest and back are my FAVORITE to work out, I think it is because (and yes I am biased) but I have a great back even when I'm not lifting and my back is STRONG.  I just love lifting for my chest because well, come on I'm 31, have had a child and like to see the tatas start lifting a bit ;)

But oh man, P90X is so hardcore, yes you can modify exercises to make them easier, I have to do some of the push ups from my knees and I'm not sad to admit that!  The decline push ups though, with your feet up on a chair while you try to do push ups, there is no modifying that!!!!  At the end I was not so smart, I tried to do just one (when I knew better) and pretty much biffed it with my face.

It's all good, no marks, just a story to tell Kyle and have him say, and why did you even try to do one if you were already so tired????  Well because, I'm "superwoman" in my mind ;)

All the back moves were awesome, it is nice to be able to use 10-15 pound weights rather than the 5 pound I use for other workouts right now.  My back is strong and I could easily do 15 reps with 15 pounds, it made me feel good.

I was all happy to blog about my workout and then I realized, I forgot about Ab Ripper X!  So I had to go back out and do that workout, now I'm very, very tired, sore in a good way and glad I made it through another workout.

One day at a time, that is how I have to navigate this journey.  No looking at myself and wondering why there isn't a significant change in a week, just each week getting through it, keeping my good friend motivated and we are so looking forward to the end of this first phase when we can celebrate with a drink :)

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