Thursday, January 3, 2013

Yoga X

Proud, so very proud of myself this morning.  I woke up on my own at about 5am, wondering why my alarm hadn't gone off, well I set it for 5pm, oops.  I still got up though, I guess my internal alarm clock might start working with me so I can do early morning workouts :)

I LOVE Yoga, so much, really I do, but when I am in shape!  Holy cow, I hate it when it hurts to hold your arms out, the chair pose and holding out my arms my goodness they were burning.  It is a good burn though.

All the up and down got me a little light headed so I had to hang out in upward dog longer than they did in the video, but taking no chances on fainting.  Especially in some awkward yoga pose, I could break something or my father-in-law could see me passed out on the floor in some weird position, not that just doing the Yoga doesn't have me in weird positions anyway.  Hmmmmm, weird, I wonder how many people out there have to worry about their father-in-laws seeing them doing Yoga ;)

It was a great start to the morning, 2 days down 88 to go!

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