Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Workouts

Friday night I had Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X.

It was a good workout, my legs were dead for Ab Ripper X so the bicycles were tough, actually all of it was but I got through it!  I'm noticing my soreness level starting to go down some, I'm having issues with my eating.

The "issues" are nothing more than me just being lazy about getting my food all organized ahead of time.  But I'm making lifestyle changes in this process and I know I can't be perfect, I'm better than I have been before though and I'm just starting week three of this journey.

Last night I should have boiled eggs for the week, I didn't, I should have made tuna salad, I didn't, ugh.  I will get better, slowly but surely I will use an hour on Sundays to prepare what I need for the week.

Saturday I was supposed to do Kenpo X, I had a funeral Saturday morning that was about two hours away.  I also had work to do and then a dinner date with some wonderful women.  I didn't do Kenpo X, I'm naughty I know!

Sunday I went to the gym, my first time at the gym Kyle is now training at.  It is so nice, I love it!  Check out Max Fitness 24/7, the group fitness room is amazing and Kyle is getting certified this month to teach the Cross Core 180 classes.  

Anyway I went with one of my best friends David, he is an amazing weight loss story, last year he lost a total of about 70 pounds.  This year he is working on toning up and changing his lifestyle along with us.  I ran 2 miles on the horrid treadmill, slow run, my pace was 11 minute miles but it was my first run in a few months, glad I could run the entire time and not have to walk at all.

So really my rest day was Saturday and I worked out yesterday.  Looking forward to getting through week 3 and having a "relaxing" week 4 of P90X next week.

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