Saturday, January 26, 2013

Core Synergistics

I was supposed to do Core Synergistics yesterday at 5am, I didn't do it.  I was tired, it is freezing cold here (not that it is freezing in my house) but hearing that cold wind, it's dark.....I know excuses, excuses. 

Last night I headed to my friend David's for a night of yummy Mexican food and laughs.  We just have the best time together and our friend Misty was with us too.  Seriously it was like a five hour ab workout with all the laughing we did :)  I had a taco salad, um their taco salad is quite large and I ate 95% of it along with chips, salsa and queso.

See that thing, seriously how could you not just DEVOUR it??? :)

Don't worry though I'm making up for the awesome meal today.  This morning I did Core Synergistics I had Tony Horton with his silly cheesiness AND Kyle Griffin, the more serious and still fun type of trainer :)  

I always push it extra hard with Core Syergistics, because like I've said before it is my FAVORITE workout.  But holy crap, having Kyle there making sure I was in good form the entire time.  There was no slacking in the hips for any push ups, no butt in the air not the slightest, lunges were deep, banana rolls (my nemesis) were actual banana rolls, "perfection" was expected and that was what I gave.  AWESOME workout this morning!!!!

And we did my body fat this morning.....

18%!!!!!  Woo hoo, down 1% in three weeks, that makes me happy :)

This afternoon I am doing Kyle's boot camp class, a trial run, with my sister Mindy.  We are both at different fitness levels, Kyle is excited, we are excited, I can't wait to see what my hubby has in store for his boot camp!

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