Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps & Ab Ripper X!

Starting off the year making commitments for myself, for my fitness level to finally be where I want it to be and it really began today because of a very good friend. I'm happy to report that my starting weight is 145, better than I expected :)

Thanks to the world of Facebook my friend Christy posted about starting P90X today and wanting to know who would join her. Did anyone? Heck yes, ME! We decided to check in with each other each night to make sure we are doing the workouts, there will be celebratory drinks at the end of each phase. She has never done the program before, but I know she will love it and keep me motivated!

Tonight we started with day three because it is Wednesday, how funny that we are both kind of neurotic and just couldn't start as if it was a Monday :) It was a great workout, I got through all of it even the bonus round. Probably need to increase my weights the next week, but I wanted to start off light. Ab Ripper X is always tough, I have such a love/hate relationship with it!

Now if only I can get my butt up in the mornings, I find it hard to have anything at night besides chocolate milk when I work out too late. Tomorrow will be a big test, I HAVE to workout in the morning because after work we will go visit my mom because she is having her knee replaced tomorrow afternoon, extra prayers are appreciated!

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