Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kenpo X

So I feel like I would be able to truly defend myself after four weeks with Kenpo X in my workouts ;)

I kid, I kid, well maybe kid a little :)  I LOVE this workout!!!  It goes by so fast, it is deceiving, you might think it is easy but if you truly put your entire body into the punches you get one kickass workout!

I do not do the yelling noises for the last 10 or so reps, I fear I would scare my father-in-law more than I already do with my awesome kick boxing.  He can't help but laugh when he sees me doing it, but he does feel that I could kick someone's ass if I needed to ;)

Today my right knee is really sore, I must have kicked a bit too hard with it.  Tony tells us to be careful and not pop our joints, but I must have.  I will be icing today and I'm ready for my easy workout of Stretch X tonight.

My weigh in this morning, still at 143.  I complained to Kyle, he told me to stop it, we will do my measurements tonight and body fat again.  I can tell a big difference, I wish we could have done my measurements before I started this but we couldn't find the tape we use and I was too lazy to go out and buy a new one.  I finally found it, of course it was with all my yarn, I must have used it last to measure pant legs for sock monkey pants and didn't put it away, oops :)

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