Tuesday, September 10, 2013

1,023,151 Pounds Lifted

I logged all my workouts from Friday through today and realized I hit the 1 million mark for weight lifted on bodybuilding.com!  That is crazy to me, woo hoo!!!! :)

I'm only three days into my new nutrition plan and my energy level is definitely affected by it, especially with continuing to lift heavy this week.  I knew I would feel tired, but it has been hard to get through the lifting.  For some reason I can't fall asleep at night now, so two to three hours of sleep isn't helping at all.  Hopefully my body will adjust soon, I'm feeling really, really tired today, maybe I will be able to go to bed early and actually just fall asleep!

I had my annual exam with my cardiologist yesterday and it went extremely well, he released me!  No more annual exams, woo hoo!  He was thrilled with my health, my heart is very strong, no symptoms at all since December.  Changing my eating habits and all this exercise really has made a huge difference.  I did talk to him about the competition and he said to just keep an eye on myself the week of the competition and make sure if I start having any symptoms from water depletion to correct it, gave me some tips and wished me luck :)  Proper diet and exercise really can make all the difference in your health, I didn't need medications, I just needed to be a bit healthier!

I got my bracelet and earrings ordered yesterday for the competition.  The sites that sell suits all sell jewelry as well but it is ridiculous how much they charge.  I wanted a rhinestone bracelet, earrings and rings, my bracelet and earrings with shipping were less than one bracelet from competition suit sites.  I was very, very happy, hopefully I really like them when they come in :)

I should have my suit next week, eeck, I just hope it fits and needs no adjustments.

This is all getting very, very real!

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