Thursday, September 19, 2013


I was TIRED yesterday afternoon, no clue why, but I just felt so worn out.  It was leg day with Kyle and I hate feeling so tired before we even get to the gym.

I did good, my legs were still a bit sore from Mondays workout, it's good though, the soreness just means they are getting a good workout and I'm building up the muscle!

We focused on my glutes too, damn those glutes, I would love them to be lifted more and rounder.  They are better than they were when we started, but trying to get them better and better!

My ankle is still sore, so no sprints today, grrrrrr!!!!  But I will be doing the Tabata HIIT workout on my lunch hour, my legs are SORE today so we'll see how that goes.  I will push through and enjoy that sore feeling and just picture my glutes lifting, hamstrings becoming more prominent and my quads popping :)

I woke up this morning feeling very lean, I know I keep saying it but it is beyond crazy to have the daily changes that are going on right now.  I'm anxious for Sunday when we start my trial run of the competition week for nutrition.  It will be a tough week, lots of water in the beginning of the week, low carbs, less water towards the end of the week and more carbs.  Hopefully the plan works, but then again if we don't get the results we want at least we will know we need to tweak the plan the week of the competition.

Front Barbell Squats
40lb x 10 reps - 4 sets

Back Extensions
25lb plate x 15 reps - 4 sets

Barbell Lunges
30lb x 20 reps - 4 sets

Seated Leg Curls
45lb x 12 reps - 4 sets

Single Leg Glute Bridge
13 reps each leg - 4 sets

Glute Bridge with Legs on Ball
15 reps - 4 sets

That doesn't seem like very much to me and didn't last night, but Kyle reminded me I am now doing legs every other day.  I'll be adding in different squats on Friday, I'm actually looking forward to that.  David has been on vacation and he gets back today, that means I get my workout partner back tomorrow, WOO HOO!!!!  I think he will notice the changes in me in just the week and a half since he has seen me :)

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