Monday, September 16, 2013

4 Weeks - Injury - Progress Photos

Just under four weeks to go today, I can't believe it.  I will say I am happy with my progress so far, I do wish my hamstrings and glutes were further along than what they are.  It just means I need to add in more sprints during the week, not so much the elliptical and thankfully it has really cooled off so sprints are something I can do on my lunch hour.

Although it would be so much easier to do sprints if I didn't have an injured ankle!  Friday night was the 4's fall classic tournament at Volley's, I played in it with my brothers Larry and John and John's girlfriend Liz.  Last year we ended up in the lower tier and won.  This year we played really well, got in the upper tier but lost :(  Oh well, we had a blast and played some really amazing teams!  It was about five hours of volleyball, I felt great, although from hill sprints on Friday my legs and glutes were really feeling tired.

I was very surprised to wake up Saturday morning with an extremely sore right ankle.  It wasn't swollen but I couldn't even tough the ankle bone on the inside of my ankle, no bruise, so strange.  Myself and Mindy, Bella and Evey went to a 15 year reunion with our cross country team from high school, it was so awesome to see everyone and reminisce!  Walking the course and watching the runners was awesome and brought back some great memories.  My ankle got worse throughout the day and I could barely walk on it by the time we headed home.

I got home Kyle saw me limping along and it was no gym for me on Saturday.  I iced it off an on throughout the day, took some ibuprofen and prayed I would wake up Sunday with it feeling better.  I woke up Sunday in more pain, but I HAD to go to the gym, just no cardio.  Kyle is switching things up again, from here on out I will be lifting chest/back, shoulders/arms, legs/glutes, that way I'm getting everything in twice a week.  Changing up the leg workout adding in some different squats and changing up the ab routine.

Yesterday was chest and back, it felt good to lift a little lighter with higher reps.  After that we worked on posing and my twalk, this was the first time Kyle has seen my twalk since David and I finalized my poses.  He was very happy with it, gave me tips on tweaking some poses a little bit to make my muscles pop more, promised me that the walk is awesome, smooth and I don't look awkward at all :)  I was proud of myself for doing as well as I did with my ankle killing me.

The photos are a bit dark, but I feel like I've made some great progress.  Wishing my shoulders were a bit more prominent, but they should be by the time the show gets here, legs need to come along a bit more as well.  I'm very happy with my back and my arms, so easy to pick myself apart right now.  I'm not doing it in a negative way, promise, just seeing what I need to focus on a bit more up until the competition :)



We are keeping my diet pretty much the same right now, I may cut down to 1200 calories.  Didn't do my body fat this weekend, hoping to get it done tonight after work, I'm staying at 141 for my weight right now hoping to see that drop a couple pounds by the end of the week.  My suit should be here by the weekend, can't wait to get it and try it on :)

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