Friday, September 27, 2013

15 Days

15 days to go, just think two weeks from today I will hopefully be nearly peaked, baking a cake for Bella's birthday and using all the will power I have to not try the frosting or anything, getting ready for David to paint on my first coat of tanner, doing my nails and just trying to enjoy myself :)

Last night I lifted legs and I did a lot, on the back extensions I knew I have should have stopped but pushed through two more reps and now have a tweaked muscle in my lower back. SO FRUSTRATING!!!  I iced it last night and have taken ibuprofen, hopefully it feels better tonight because I'm lifting chest and back (not lower back) and then I really want to do about 30 minutes on the step mill.

I'm looking forward to a three day weekend and hopefully getting the house super deep cleaned, working out, posing practice, Bella's Nutcracker rehearsal, dinner for my cousin's birthday (my real final cheat meal), last Sunday of volleyball, keeping myself busy so I don't think about food :)

We've decided to do a 10 day shred for my final prep, that will begin on Wednesday.  I'm a little nervous, the first seven days will be tough, low carbs and on the seventh day zero carbs, eeck!!!!!  But then I get to carb load and the protein is lower, you would not believe how hard it was for me to come up with meal plans to get enough carbs but way lower protein.  I did it though, just got the macro numbers from Kyle and picked what I want to eat.  Mostly chicken and fish still, carb load days will include protein pancakes, sweet potato, brown rice, peppers, it will be nice :)

My ankle is feeling better, now if my back would just be better I'd be perfect!  My parents have been gone camping in South Dakota since the beginning of the month, they get back this weekend.  I've kept them up to date on my progress, my mom is excited to see me, she thinks I will look a lot different and hopefully to her I do!

Mentally preparing myself for these next two weeks, I think it is going to be a roller coaster, but I guess it's good I'm heading into it thinking this way, maybe that will make it a bit easier.

I got a phonecall from a friend that is coming to finals, she let me know she would be making a sign for me :)  I have the best family and friends ever, having everyone's support is what is helping me push through even in those tough moments when I really want to just grab a bag of chips and devour the entire thing or when I'm grocery shopping get a candy bar or two or three and eat them all ;)

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