Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Legs - Ankle Healing

Last night Kyle went with me, he wanted to switch up my leg routine, that proved difficult with my injured ankle.  We took it kind of easy, lifted heavier with the machines and only did one type of squats.  I couldn't do cardio again yesterday :(

It may sound silly but these few days of no HIIT workouts make me feel like I'm now behind.  I hope tonight when I do the step mill and tomorrow morning after sprints that Thursday I will be feeling better about everything.

Kyle decided that for the next 2.5 weeks I will be lifting twice a day, a bit lighter in the morning and he will be going with me in the evenings to push me harder.  I plan on doing sprints on my lunch hour if it is cool out and doing the step mill once a week.  Sticking to my nutrition plan, no big changes at this point, taking my body fat tonight to see where I'm at and will take it again on Sunday.

I ordered my tanning supplies and bikini bite from bodybuilding.com today, they already shipped it so I should have all of that by the weekend.  I got Jan Tana products, including their body wash and lotion to use up until the competition.  I also ordered some hair removal product, I think I'll try that this weekend on my arms and see how it does.  I'm thinking I will probably like not having hair on my arms and might just keep it that way!

I know I'm still leaning out daily, my veins are more prominent each day, they are protruding further up my arm, progress!  Next week we will be doing a "test" week for the final week before the competition, not sure exactly what Kyle will have me doing but it will involve carb depletion and loading to see how my body responds.  Hopefully I will lose water and my skin will wrap tighter around my muscles and I can manage to get through the week with no issues.

I can't believe I am this close to the competition, eeck!!!!!!  And only 2.5 weeks until my mock show, so, so nervous.

As David said, when you are a performer if you have NO nerves, something isn't right.  I know my nerves won't completely go away, hopefully they get a bit less though :)

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