Friday, September 20, 2013

Registered - Beginner AND Open

I got my registration mailed in, I decided to compete in the Beginner and Open categories.  Beginner I will be competing against first timers like myself and Open will be against every class of the figure competitors.  I will have more time on the stage, which will be good with this being a fairly small competition and more chance to possibly win some hardware :)

A gal that is competing for her first time as well reached out to me on Facebook yesterday.  Her best friend that is doing her make up happens to be one of David's best friends, small world :)  She looks amazing, said she is down to 7% body fat, which is INSANE, there is no way I could get that low.  She is really petite, we are built very different, she said she has really had to work hard to put on any muscle mass.  She is super nice and I'm glad to know someone I will be competing with, we'll just stick with each other the whole day :)

I changed my mind about doing a trial run of peak week this coming week, I just got scared.  During peak week my nutrition will change a lot and I'll be cutting most sodium, decreasing and increasing carbs.  With two weeks still to go to cut more body fat and continue with my workouts I don't want to mess with my nutrition and not be able to get through my workouts this week.

Last night I lifted chest and back, felt good through the entire workout and am looking forward to really pushing my legs tonight with the help of David!  i order a new supplement last night, all my tanning supplies, hair removal, bikini bite came in yesterday from and they gave me 50% off Cellucor BCAA, Kyle has wanted me to take BCAA for a while so I ordered some.  It should just help me recover better from workouts and will be a good addition for these last couple of weeks, it already shipped and I should have it Monday :)

Chest and Back
Incline Bench Press
65lbs x 10 reps - 4 sets

Bent Over Barbell Row
50lbs - 13 reps - 4 sets

Incline Chest Fly
20lbs x 15 reps - 4 sets

Assisted Pull Ups
13 reps - 4 sets

Flat Bench Dumbbell Chest Press
25lbs x 13 reps - 4 sets

Single Arm Dumbbell Row
35lbs x 26 reps - 4 sets

Cable Cross Over
20lbs x 13 reps - 4 sets

Bent Over Two Dumbbell Row with Palms In
50lbs x 15 reps - 4 sets

Bench Push Ups
13 reps - 4 sets

Pike on Ball
13 reps - 3 sets

Weighted Crunchy Frogs
13 reps - 3 sets

"Walking" Planks
50 sec - 3 sets

Windshield Wipers with Pulse Up
13 reps - 3 sets

Holy crap that ab routine, I was sweating profusely, and I felt like I had cramps afterwards.  It was so INTENSE and such a deep workout, seriously crazy my abs are still so sore today, we'll see how they are tomorrow!

I'm still having pain in my ankle but I plan on doing sprints tomorrow, hopefully it will feel ok and I can get through them, need to burn off this last bit of body fat! 

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