Thursday, September 12, 2013

Migraine, Lifting, HIIT, Binge

It feels like the past two days have been "eventful".  Tuesday I was just plain exhausted, barely got a workout in, I feel like it's not even worth recording.  Wednesday I woke up with a horrible migraine, I feel like the lack of sleep, heavy lifting and adjusting just all hit me at once.  I slept almost the entire day on Wednesday, made myself get up to eat a little chicken quesadilla, but other than that I seriously slept.

I woke up feeling great, I think my body (and my mind) really needed that day of rest.  I had a little snack, kissed my Bella and headed off to the gym.  I had a really great workout, it was shoulder day and I was ready for it.  Chatted with a couple of guys at the gym I've never seen there before, they asked me if I worked out at The Anvil too.  The Anvil is this awesome gym I've heard a lot about, gals I know that are competing in the competition work out there.  It's just a really hardcore gym, maybe someday I will venture over there to check it out.  I explained to these guys that I signed a long contract with the current gym and they said, well you could always work out at both!  Ah, if I had the money I probably would :)

Back to my workout, it was truly wonderful, besides the crazy lady that wears way too much perfume.  Seriously whenever I go late in the afternoon she is always there, another reason to enjoy going early in the morning!

Barbell Military Press
65lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Lateral Raises
12lb x 12 reps - 5 sets
Upped my reps here but I wasn't comfortable going up to 15lbs yet.

Shoulder Shrugs
115lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Shoulder Press
20lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Barbell Row
40lb x 12 reps - 5 sets

Single Arm Cable Front Raise
10lb x 12 reps - 5 sets

5 Angle Shoulder Flyes
6lb x 50 reps - 3 sets

Back Extensions
25lb plate x 17 reps - 3 sets

After that I planned on doing 30 minutes on the stepmill, but someone was actually on it!  So instead I did the insane tabata HIIT workout on the elliptical, it was wonderful :)

I went home, ate some dinner and worked on cleaning out our office that has been a disaster for almost a year.  Bella helped out and then she wanted a snack, she wanted these mini pancakes her Papa bought her.  Super easy, frozen in individual bags that you heat up in the microwave (I know not the healthiest) but she loves them and her Papa knows how much she loves them :)  The smell of them were incredible, I had a bad moment, I heated up a bag for myself and I ate them, AHHHH!!!!!  For some reason I had an insane carb craving and I couldn't stop myself.  It didn't stop there, I also ate small ice cream cone, raspberry sherbet in a small sugar cone.

I've read so much about people having binges and really thought I wouldn't do it.  I'm not too mad at myself though, it was one time and it won't happen again.  It was yummy, didn't affect my body too much thankfully and I'm back on track today!

This morning was arm day and I did 35 minutes of posing on my lunch hour.  The toughest one for me to hold is the back pose, amazing how much it takes out of you to hold the poses.  I also worked on my t walk, I'm really looking forward to showing it to Kyle this weekend.  I feel extremely comfortable with it, we need to take some video, I don't feel awkward at all so hopefully I don't look awkward at all :)

Wide Grip Barbell Curls
30lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Incline Skull Crushers
30lb x 12 reps - 5 sets

Close Grip Preacher Curl
45lb - 10 reps - 5 sets

Rope Tricep Extensions
35lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Hammer Curls
15lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Straight Bar Tricep Extensions
30lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Stability Ball Concentration Curls
12lb x 10 reps each arm - 5 sets

Split Handle Cable Tricep Press Down
10lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Static Plate Hold
35lb x 45 sec - 3 reps

Tricep Bench Dips with Stability Ball
35lb plate on lap x 15 reps - 3 sets

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, it is finally supposed to cool off and feel like fall!  I plan on doing some serious hills on my lunch hour, body fat will get done this weekend, hoping it has gone down and my one night binge didn't affect me too much!

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