Monday, September 30, 2013

Two Weeks Out

I can't believe the competition is seriously just under two weeks away. I'm feeling more excited than nervous at this point, which obviously makes me very happy. I feel that in the past nine months, even with a three week break in June, I've come a really long way and built up a lot of muscle.

There is a small voice in my head that worries me that I will be too big for this competition, previous winners have been about 95 pounds, yes they had muscle but they were so super tiny, that just isn't my build. Then I see the beautiful Nicole Wilkins who won Figure Olympia and know THAT is a true figure competitor body and what I want to work for:

She is beyond amazing and the years of training and hard work she has had to put in, I can't imagine. It just made me feel good to see a woman with truly symmetrical muscle tone winning the biggest competition there is!

I keep reminding myself that all judges are different, every show is different, which might sound strange being it is the same type of competition but I may not come in lean enough. My weight is staying the same, hopefully we will do body fat tomorrow.  Glutes could still be better, we are our toughest critics. But over all I have to say this was the best weekend I had with posing and t-walk practice. I truly feel pretty damn good with where I am at, I feel awesome in my suit and have my t-walk DOWN :)

Bella did some posing with me, she is preparing for the kids pose down they will have at the competition and is super excited. I have some photos to share posing with Bella, again I feel the need to be tighter and that should come in the next week and a half. The toughest part of my journey begins on Wednesday when I start the 10 day shred, really not looking forward to it but I am super excited to see the results of it!

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