Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Killer Legs & Glutes - Body Fat

Last night it was just Kyle and I at the gym and he KILLED my legs and glutes.  On the leg curls and leg extensions I did two sets normal, then the last two he had me hold the extension or curl for five seconds and slowly release, HOLY CRAP.  

I also used this machine where you stand to the side of it, with one leg over a roller and kick back with your leg, really uses your hamstrings and glutes, that was a good one.  Then he had me do a bunch of single leg glute presses and glute bridges.

Before that even I did an awesome HIIT workout on my lunch hour that he gave me, so my legs were pretty tired anyway.  He had me jog in place for 2 minutes then do jumping jacks, burpees, steam engines, t-rotations, dreya rolls, airborne heisman, deep squats and mountain climbers, do them all for one minute each with no break and repeat 3 times.  HOLY CRAP.  Did I mention that my butt and legs are extremely sore???  

Last night even though I was exhausted I couldn't sleep again.  I took a couple Target brand sleeping pills, I don't know why, I already know they don't work.  I kept waking up in the middle of the night feeling itchy everywhere, no clue if it was from the pills or what but it sucked.  I did not make it to the gym this morning so now I have to hurry to the gym right after work because I have to be to my sister Mindy's house by 6pm to watch my beautiful niece Evey, but I can do it!

For lunch today I get to do a 20 minute sprint workout, I have a feeling that my legs will feel tighter by the weekend, that will make me very happy.  We took my body fat last night, I'm down to 11.5%!!!!  When Kyle trained our friend Mary her body fat was about 11% at competition time and I still have 18 days to go, I think I could possibly get below 10% :)  It actually makes me kind of excited for peak week, even though I know it will be really tough, but to see the drastic changes that week as I lose the rest of the body fat and my skin shrink wraps around my muscles (if all goes well), I can't wait.

I plan on utilizing some of my time wisely tonight while Evey sleeps, I'll take my heels along and practice holding my poses, I haven't been doing that enough lately and I don't want to be trembling and dropping my form on stage!

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