Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend, Full of Exercise!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend, I certainly enjoyed mine!  Friday night I had my final real cheat meal, it was pizza, my favorite!  I did feel bad for a minute after I ate it but I knew I would burn it off over the weekend.

I can't believe we are under six weeks already, 39 days to go, holy crap!!!  I'm feeling nervous, just wanting to really make sure my body is where I want it and I'm questioning certain areas of my body a lot.  I'm adding in more cardio, Kyle doesn't think I need it, it won't hurt as long as I don't start losing size if I do I will cut back.  I'm just a bit terrified, with this being my first time getting ready for a figure competition I have no idea how quickly my body will shed the last bit of body fat with nutrition changes and I would rather be ahead of the game than behind and trying to do hours of cardio a couple of weeks before the competition.

Instead of doing my regular abs I've added in another set, so that puts me up to 450 ab moves on ab day, not too bad!  But again, I've got the muscles it's that little layer of fat over them that I still have to get rid of, cardio, cardio, cardio and nutrition, nutrition, nutrition!

All three days this weekend David worked out with me, we really pushed each other, lifted heavy and kicked some butt when it came to cardio.  We worked on my t-walk, I showed Kyle my poses and he hated the first pose, so we changed that.  Now I've got it down, we did it so many times yesterday and I'm right at about 1min 10 sec, I think that is about right for how long it should be.  I'm feeling a lot more confident with it, the first transition into the second pose is a bit tough, but I will be practicing daily and I will get it down :)

Here were our workouts:

Saturday - Legs
Seated Leg Curl
70lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Seated Calf Raise
115lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Front Barbell Squat
40lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Back Extensions
25lb plate x 12 reps - 5 sets

Barbell Deadlift
60lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Plate Step Ups
50lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Step Mill
25 minutes on the step mill, I did level 14 of the fat burner workout, holy crap!

I can brag about my squats, Kyle hadn't been to the gym on leg day with me for a while and I was so excited to show him how low I can get on my squats now!  He was very impressed, I can touch the ground with my butt, I don't do that, but hey I know that I can :)  Adding more weight tomorrow for leg day on the squats!

Sunday - Shoulders
Seated Barbell Military Press
70lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Inverted Row
10 - 12 reps - 5 sets

Side Lateral Raise
12lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Barbell Shrug
110lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Dumbbell Shoulder Press
20lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Upright Barbell Row
40lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Five Angle Shoulder Flyes
6lb x 50 reps - 3 sets

Push Ups
15 - 20 - 3 sets

20 min Tabata HIIT routine, had David about dying on that one ;)

Monday - Chest & Back
Incline Dumbbell Press
30lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Wide Grip Assisted Pull Ups
10 reps - 5 sets

Incline Dumbbell Flyes
25lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Dumbbell Inline Row - Single Arm
35lb x 20 reps - 5 sets

Dumbbell Bench Press
30lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Barbell Shrug
115lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Flat Bench Dumbbell Flyes
25lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Bent Over Barbell Row
50lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Hammer Strength Decline Chest Press
90lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Hammer Strength High Row
135lb x 10 reps - 5 sets

Push Ups
15 - 20 x 3 sets

Sunday David took a couple photos of me.  I still have it in my head that I look the same as I did when I started this journey, I'm sure it is hard for anyone that does this their first time to really realize the amazing changes occurring with their body.

Please forgive the scary sweaty look, I just worked out and practiced my t-walk for about 35 minutes :)

My biceps are growing and finally getting some definition!

I'm so proud of my back progress, now time to really get my body fat cut down to see even more muscle tone :)

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