Thursday, September 26, 2013

Shoulders & Arms - Sneaky Vein

Last night was shoulders and arms with David.  I didn't do cardio yesterday, my legs really needed a rest, they are still sore today!  I'll lift legs tonight and do 15 minutes of a fast walk on the treadmill with a good incline.

When I was doing overhand barbell curls last night the vein in my right bicep was totally popped out, but then when I get done it hides again :(  Who would have thought I'd ever be so crazy about wanting a vein to stay popped out!  I know I will pump up before I step on stage and being even more lean hopefully that vein pops out and stays out because it looks pretty cool for one of my poses in my t-walk when it is out :)

My mind is everywhere right now, thinking about my abs and legs, hoping they will be where I want them but also realizing they may not be.  I've learned one big thing from this experience, never ever think that because you have a very dominant body part, for me my legs, that you don't need to train them as hard and as long as everything else.  We didn't start training my legs until about 3 months before the competition, Kyle and I both agree we should have been training them right away.  Being scared of size with my legs was a silly thing, they won't be as defined as they could be, but for the next competition they will be!  I kind of feel like I'm frantically trying to get them built up but then again realizing they won't get built up much more in the next week and a half, trying to focus more on shaping them with sprints.

I had my first crazy competition dream last night, with my mind the way it has been I'm surprised I hadn't had one yet.  The competition was at a campground and my sisters Jenn, Laura and Mindy were with me.  Jenn noticed a bunch of girls in line dressed in their suits with their dogs with them.  Mindy went to find out what was going on and I was supposed to be ready to go to meet the judges and bring Tybalt to tell them how he helped me with my training.  Laura was helping me find my suit but we forgot it and could only find bottoms, then we got locked in a camper and didn't make it to meet the judges.

Can you say INSANE?  I woke up thinking, what the hell was that????  It gave me a good laugh though, thankfully the competition isn't at a campground and I will have my bag packed with EVERYTHING the night before along with two or three alarms set to make sure I'm up and ready to get pretty at 5am :)

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