Monday, September 23, 2013

Ankle Issues - Pushing Through

Well after posing in my suit I am even more determined to get my glutes and legs in better shape.  I did sprints yesterday afternoon for 25 minutes, my ankle felt good, I really had to push through at the end on the hill.  It is so tiring and my glutes were burning, but I knew that only meant good things were happening :)

I had volleyball last night, that is when my ankle really started giving out.  By the time we were playing fours I really couldn't run on it, we lost our games :(  But next weekend is the last weekend of volleyball and we will be playing for 3rd.  Sucks, we were playing for 1st or 2nd place and last night ruined that for us, at least the games were close, we always have next year!

Today I plan on doing a hard cardio plyo workout that Kyle made up for me on my lunch hour, then it I will be lifting legs tonight.  I only have two weeks left of the harder lifting, it seems so crazy to be saying that!

I am certain that my ankle issue is a tendon, which is good because the muscles around it feel fine, the bone feels fine but tendons just take a long time to heal.  I can get around on it and still walk in my heels.  

It just SUCKS, no matter what, I was extremely frustrated when I got home last night.  I hobbled down the stairs, Kyle said "uh oh", I sat on the floor and just felt defeated.  Sweet, sweet, loving Bella gave me a kiss and went upstairs, she came back down with a bag of ice for my ankle.  Randy gave me words of encouragement about not getting too down on myself and that I'm doing amazing and I'm even stronger than anyone could imagine because I'm not giving up.

We forgot to set out tilapia so Kyle made me a thin, lean piece of pork, a can of tuna with avocado and 1/4 cup of sweet potato, Bella went upstairs to get her jammies on, Randy headed off to bed and I broke down crying.  My first real tears in this process, I just felt so defeated, for some reason I felt bloated and then to have my ankle like it was, I just had to cry it out.

Kyle felt bad and tried to build me up with his positive words, but it just wasn't working for me.  I felt bad because I knew I was frustrating him but I really needed to have my moment of frustration, sadness and anger.  I took a nice hot bath with epsom salts, which felt amazing.  Bella came in and sat with me for a little bit, asking if the bath was helping my ankle and telling me how strong I am and how proud of me she is and that she is praying for my ankle to feel better.

We seriously have the sweetest, most kind hearted little girl in the world.  Her sweet words helped me feel better, so did the bath and I actually feel asleep right away last night and slept through the night.

I woke up today feeling better, ankle still sore but that was to be expected.  19 days to go, I can do this, I will do this and I will be proud of myself no matter what and enjoy celebrating all that I have accomplished.

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