Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Woo Hoo!!!!!

Last night it was time for a weigh in and to measure my body fat.  I was a bit nervous, haven't done much cardio in the past week, but man was I happy with the results!  I'm down to 138.2 pounds and 12.8% body fat, I am bound and determined to get down to 10% body fat, with 3.5 weeks to go I should be able to do it!

I had a great arm/shoulder workout last night, abs after that and 30 minutes on the step mill.  After the step mill my ankle was pretty sore, dang it!  I was going to lift legs twice today but I didn't go this morning, I'll go after work with Kyle.  No cardio today, letting the ankle rest and will get some cardio in tomorrow.  I will be tanning on my lunch hour, just wanting a bit of a base tan in case I only get one coat out of the tanning product I ordered for the competition.

When I was lifting last night and going between different areas for three of my exercises there was a guy using one of the cable machines so we were taking turns.  He told me he just had to say that I'm looking really cut and he was wondering if I was training for something.  It was so nice to hear that, someone that has seen me at the gym constantly and is noticing my progress :)

Upright Row to Shoulder Press
30lb x 12 reps - 4 sets

Straight Bar Tricep Extension
50lb x 13 reps - 4 sets

Reverse Barbell Curls
20lb x 15 reps - 4 sets

Arnold Press
15lb x 12 reps - 4 sets

Rope Tricep Extensions
30lb x 13 reps - 4 sets

Close Grip Barbell Curls
30lb x 12 reps - 4 sets

Shoulder Flyes
15lb x 15 reps - 4 sets

Wide Dumbbell Curls
15lb x 12 reps - 4 sets

Rope Tricep Extension
25lb x 13 reps - 4 sets

Barbell Shoulder Shrugs
115lb x 12 reps - 4 sets

5 Angle Shoulder Flyes
6lb x 50 reps - 4 sets

Hammer Curls
12lb x 13 reps - 4 sets

Overhead Rope Tricep Extensions
25lb x 13 reps - 4 sets

Then like I said before I did abs and then the step mill.  When I got home I iced my ankle, took a nice long bath with some epsom salts and iced my ankle again.  I have no idea why it is taking so long to heal up and still have no idea exactly what is wrong with it, just wish it would be better already!

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